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What are the unknown risks of selling something or introducing a technology experiment that has never been on the market before?

Consider this idea. You see something on YouTube that triggers an idea for a new product. You come up with an idea about something really exciting, so you do some technology research on-line. You find several open-source modules and components that could be put together. There might be one or two questions on how this new thing can be built, but you feel confident it can be done.

Is there a risk in moving forward? Do you know all of the unknowns or unknowable? These questions require a pessimistic view on the issues at hand.

We want to reduce the number of costs to building something new, mitigate any negative hit on founder reputation or investor confidence as a result of poor decisions based on an “idea.” Our research service focuses on reducing technical risks and on providing support for hungry innovators.


Technical risks are always present when building some new technology or conducting technology research. There is always something that challenges the creation of new technology. Edward A. Murphy coined the phrase “things will go wrong in any given situation if you give them a chance,”

Our research service focuses on the investigation of technical challenges for any innovative technology experiment. Each challenge is different and requires a custom approach to the necessary research. Some of the activities we have available include the following:

  • Scientific research, or technological research, involving classic “Newtonian” physics.
  • Electronic, mechanical or software troubleshooting.
  • Radio frequency front-end and antenna development.
  • Artificial intelligence applications, collection and data analysis,
  • Deep learning algorithm research.


Scientific research and experimental development are different from each other. Research helps to understand the characteristics of a technical issue. Knowing all of the characteristics, specifications, and technology capabilities used in a new product design allows you to reduce or mitigate potentially costly risks.

Sometimes technical issues are discovered during development, requiring more research. When this happens, it can cause a delay in development. So it is essential to conduct technology research for the significant issues before development starts.

We have an eye for technical risks; we can see the potential issues that require more research. We can provide guidance and services to investigate areas that need more research for potential innovative technology experiments.