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The idea of creating new technology is exciting. A well-known fact in the modern economy is that technology plays a significant role in driving innovation and economic strength. High tech companies of all sizes and management styles have something that differentiates themselves from other companies. Sometimes there is an exciting product line or a brand new invention that is driving the need for product development. Customers want a lot of new features, or maybe you don’t even know what the customer wants. So the goals must be well defined so as to focus your investment into market-driven product development.


By looking at the scope of a new project, we investigate the critical features required and support for the product, so it aligns with the goals. We investigate the feasibility by providing insight into the specifications, design challenges, innovative design briefs, and methodologies, all with the intent on making a sound first impression to your customers and investors.  The goal of this service is not to necessarily create a minimum viable product.  Not now, but help you understand the limited scope required for creating something valuable.

This service includes discussions on the benefits to customer,

  • Usability
  • Technology options
  • Risk analysis
  • Development effort and costs
  • Supporting infrastructure requirements by focused design specifications


This service starts at $5000. Funding is available upon request.