Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


The early stages of a technology business are focused on finding customers and building technology for those customers. As the company develops structure, long term planning becomes an essential element of growth. A strategic plan brings together several pieces of information and provides a long term vision and implementation of a growth plan for the company.


We provide a detailed high tech third party strategic plan that looks at the market, industry, economy, internal challenges, and resources to bring insight into the focus of the company relative to its environment, vision, and potential direction. Some of the features of our strategic study include:

  • Market influences
  • Competitive landscape
  • Industry trends
  • Available resources
  • Stakeholder values and goals
  • Learning opportunities


Through a series of fact-finding exercises with light involvement from your management team, we analyze the current state of the market, industry, and company to design a strategic plan. We offer a high tech third-party assessment of this state and provide discussion points for the go-forward strategy. As the last step, we guide with the initial stages of implementation, and the infrastructure needed to manage further strategic projects.