Due Diligence

High Tech Due Diligence


Technology ventures have the potential to grow fast and create real value for their shareholders, but there are risks of failure as well. Is a new business worth investment? Or, as an entrepreneur or tech business expert, are you ready to raise funds? Having a knowledgeable outside observer take a look is a great way to see what is happening.


Our due diligence service is not an opinion from a legal or accounting point of view but rather a high tech risk analysis to identify the potential risks present. We look at the business from a technology value, growth potential, and risk management perspective. Our 20 point due-diligence service includes these areas:

  • Market Position
  • Intellectual Property
  • Corporate Structure
  • Financial Position
  • People and Culture
  • Scalability Capabilities


The value of this service is a third party opinion on the investment worthiness of a technology-based business, providing the facts, anticipated risks, and the potential opportunities as we understand the company at a specific point in time. All the high tech risk analysis is carried out by experts for accurate results.