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We use a risk management-focused approach during technology-based product development. We want to provide a valuable product that meets specific, defined criteria. We use a variety of tools, skills, and core modules to overcome technical risks to achieve this deliverable.


At Pinterec, we focus our product development skills and product prototyping services on three specific types of technology. These include the following:

Embedded Systems – This is a device with a processor and software. There are a bunch of skills that make this happen. We build 3D printed parts, printed circuit boards, write code, and develop phone apps. It is all part of the product release support program.

Radio Frequency or Wireless Devices – We have a long history of developing WiFi, Bluetooth, Long-range wireless systems, microwave, antenna design, and many other related technologies.

Artificial Intelligence – We have core deep learning technology that enables us to develop module-based learning algorithms that allow us to deploy on an embedded system or in a server type environment.


There is a real benefit to a low-risk approach to product development. While creating the product, coordination can happen with other tasks such as customer beta testing, promotion, product prototyping services, and operational needs, allowing everyone to be ready for the targeted release date.