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Customer Discovery


To determine if a new technology has value by talking to people who need and can pay for the use of, or the purchase of, your technology. Primary research is the focus of getting customers. We can help you gather a group of active supporters through technology coaching.


Innovation is the matching of unique technology to those supporters who find it valuable. As an innovator, you need to build technology and find supporters by performing customer discovery checks.

Our goal is to guide you through the steps to getting your first customer and creating a group of stakeholders along the way. We do this by providing the following:

  • Project and marketing tools to find customers
  • Business model development
  • Pre-launch planning
  • Mentor-ship or technology couching


When you speak to someone about your idea, you will get many different types of answers, some people are well-intended but may provide misleading information. The goal is not to find passive supporters who give a cheer once in a while. The goal is to gather the right type of supporter who will buy when you are ready. We have experience in walking you through this path. We provide a process for collecting information, analyzing, and organizing the ideas into an actionable plan.