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Performance and Certification


Scalability is the key to creating revenue and presents new challenges. Customer satisfaction, quality, safety, regulatory compliance all become important when considering the need for scalability. Product Performance testing, customer feedback, pre-certification testing are tools you can use to identify those areas of improvement your product needs to become an instrument of business success.


There are several activities that all happen at the same time when on the path to a high-quality, scalable product. We support market testing, certification, and design improvement. Each testing program is unique to the product. But for example, some of the testing we do include:

Product Performance Testing – Starting with lab testing and customer testing, we create an understanding of product functionality and how it best matches the customer’s needs. We look at usability, data collection, output accuracy, environmental robustness, and other technical features. Improvements are planned and developed accordingly.

Pre-Certification Testing – Safety and Government regulatory agencies might have standards in place that you must comply with. We work with several certification labs to determine areas of improvement. We focus on making improvements by conducting initial product performance testing to meet these standards better.

Manufacturabilty – An embedded system has a hardware component that will need to be manufactured. We create processes to streamline the production of electronic and mechanical devices. Process research and development, product performance testing, and then documentation form the bulk of the development tasks. But it does not stop there. We work with contract manufacturers on implementation and create efficient processes and ensure quality standards.

Design Improvement

With a list of potential improvements found through effective product performance testing, the task of improving the design is the best way we can support your goals of a profitable product. The benefits are a better product, lower costs, higher throughput, and customer satisfaction.