SRED Support

Canadian Tax Credit for Research - SR&ED Support

SR&ED Overview

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development(SR&ED) tax credit program is the Canadian government’s way of ensuring Canada is at the forefront of innovation and technological expertise. The Canadian Government wants private companies and individuals to expand the scientific knowledge and technology available to the world through SR&ED consulting.

They provide SR&ED support in the form of tax credit or cash support for qualified researches that were carried out in Canada for the tax year. There are conditions in qualifying for the program and annual reporting requirements that can make the process a little daunting, but the benefits of SR&ED tax help are worth the effort.

Expert Support

We provide support on qualifying and reporting for the SR&ED consulting program. We use this program ourselves for the various technology projects we are doing at any given point in time.

Our services focus on technology  innovation. When you focus on this, the qualifying and reporting requirements become straight forward. We support technology development teams in the following activities.

  • Project planning and reporting structures,
  • Accounting practices and policies requirements,
  • Team interaction and support methods,
  • Mentoring individual engineering activities to be in line with SR&ED support,
  • Audit research and development activities.
  • SR&ED tax help


Unlike other SR&ED consulting firms, our fees are linked to research process consulting, not the annual report or the refund amount received. We do research and development, and we understand and value how this program supports the growth of Canada.

Our services are focused on:

  • Growing your research and development capabilities,
  • Building processes that are in line with the SR&ED support requirements,
  • Maintain a position of program qualification,
  • Support to recognize qualifying activities,
  • Reporting requirement support.