Technology Development

Technology is something you cannot just talk about. You need to demonstrate the concept. Display an electronic product prototype, an improved feature, or a performance requirement that has something worth showing off.

“A minimum viable product is something simple but has particular features required of a customer. The focus needs to be on viability. You need to be able to show your customer the essence of the technology. All other additional “optional” features need to be stripped away as they are an unnecessary risk that distracts from the need.”

— Chris Pinter.

Focused Design Specification

The plan comes first. To build a minimum viable product, you need to have a list of features, understand the risks and a plan to build something to demonstrate.

Product Development

A minimum viable product is something that demonstrates the important features customers want. According to plan, lets build it!

Performance and Certification

Make it a product you can sell! A quality product is not just a nice thing to have. Customers satisfaction, Industry regulations and manufacturability are required.